November 23, 2008

Red Demigod Deck - FNM report


yohoo.. finished 2nd place and got an ISOCHRON SCEPTER fnm foil card!!.. yipee..

Used my Demigod Red Deck coz this is the only competitive deck i have.. I added in new sideboards to keep me alive against fearies and early game rush attacks..

The only deck I have.. hehe

Demigod Red

4 Demigod of revenge
4 ashenmoor gouger
4 figure of destiny
4 boggart ram gang

4 magma spray
4 incinerate
4 lash out
4 puncture blast
4 flame javelin
1 unwilling recruit

23 mountains


4 pyroclasm
3 spiteful visions
3 stigma lasher
4 vexing susher
1 spitebellows

Match Summaries:

G1 vs Arnel Ang (vanilla kithkin deck) 2-1
Just got very lucky in the last 2 games wherein Frodo and his friends got me completely nowhere to go.. But some bad plays luckily kept me in the game. Very Happy

G2 vs CB Abrau (Faeries) 2-0
1st game, faeries got mana flood. 2nd game, mana prob.. Feeling lucky.. Very Happy

G3 vs Paolo Flores -- masagwa ang pangalan eh.. hahaha so, Mirror Match!!! (Whoever gets the first demigod WINS!!, unfortunately dili to ako.. hahaha) 0-2
very powerful spell from paolo.. got stuck to 2 lands in 2 games.. hehehe

G4 vs Jun Dobles (Blightning) 2-0
again, got lucky.. Very Happy

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