July 21, 2009

Slowly getting back...


First of all, good luck to the people who will be joining the Magic Nationals, hopefully, next year, kasali na ako sa mainvite.. haha good luck sa akin into reaching top 100.. But there's nothing wrong in dreaming.. hehe

Second, I am a person who gets my energy and motivation from all aspects of my life. So when I suck at one thing, I suck at all things. When I excel in one thing, naaah! I don't excel at all things BUT... then I become motivated to excel in other things. And I am very happy with my performance in the pre-release and release party for MTG's M10 (11th edition). I was able to finish 4th (3-1) in the pre-release and finished as champion (4-0) in the release party. I guess slowly, everything is turning out to be okay for me now in my favorite hobby.

The next thing is that I actually feel light right now. For the past years when I thought about so many things, problems, etc, I really gained weight and even to the point that I didn't have any more love for basketball games. Right now, I am back! maybe too late to join and redeem myself in inter-college competitions like in the past, but I now have 2 regular playgroups; one during saturdays and one in sundays. C'mon, im getting back into shape. hehe

Slowly, I am becoming more confident and composed in doing things and with this pace, I think i will be on track and will become successful in life.. I know, the important thing in life is being happy. And i am happy with my life right now.

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