March 23, 2012

April 2012 FNM Card - Dismember with Picture



I think this is one of the best cards chosen as FNM premium card all-time! Dismember not only shines in standard but also in all other formats, yup, even in legacy. You can see classic legacy decks, whose decklists were already very solid, making adjustments just for this card. Yes it is that powerful, and I don't think I need to explain why because if you play standard, you will know the power of this card. If you play legacy, you might see your friends adjusting their decklists for this card. Although, black decks have other options for creature removal than Dismember, it is also a decent card that prevents regeneration even for black decks. As for non-black decks, *bow*, mono blue? mono green? yup, they now have a solid removal spell.

Collection-wise and not to mention price-wise, this is something everybody might try to have so prepare yourself for a hard-fought copy when you win the FNM. This is an expensive uncommon for a certain reason, and that reason is power level. If you are still not sold on this card, just bring your best deck for the FNM tourneys in April, get a copy of this card, then use it in your deck. When you do, let's just pray April 2012 is not yet over because you will definitely want to join more FNMs to get more copies. :D

So here it is, April 2012's Friday Night Magic Foil Promo Card is Dismember!

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