May 9, 2012

May 2012 FNM Card - Ancient Grudge with Picture


Coming off from an awesome April Friday night magic foil card, May 2012's Friday Night Magic Premium foil card is not of the same level but a pretty good card that is played in almost all formats.

Ancient Grudge was first printed in time spiral. But ever since its time in Time Spiral, Ancient Grudge has seen decent amounts of play time, mostly appearing in almost all Red deck sideboards.

In standard, Ancient Grudge is the only reason why , sometimes, Mono Red decks tend to run Rootbound Crags. The green mana isn't used in the main board but is only used in the Sideboard for Ancient Grudge copies. Ancient Grudge is an Instant. Allowing you to play it along your burn spells at the end of your opponent's turn. With a flashback cost of only 1 green mana, it is a very efficient spell. Making it very worthwhile to splash some green mana sources - of course your green mana sources should also produce red mana since red tends you to commit to cards with two red mana in their cost - such as Tibalt, Chandra's Phoenix, Koth etc. For life gaining artifacts that prove to be a problem for Red decks, like Sword of War and Peace, Chalices, Batterskull and Wurmcoil Engine, Ancient Grudge is the perfect answer for them. Especially Wurmcoil Engine, the strongest in the group in my opinion. Ancient Grudge deals with the Wurmcoil Engine and you can flashback it to deal with the lifelink Wurm token.

So here it is, although I'm a fan of the Innistrad artwork, May 2012 FNM Card is Ancient Grudge.

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  1. thank you for the information! I will still try to get some copies in FNM.



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