September 8, 2012

September 2012 FNM Card - Lingering Souls with Picture


September 2012 FNM promo is Lingering Souls from Dark Ascension. For me, this is one of the mos useful cards in the FNM promos this year. Lingering souls is a very good card, we even sometimes joke around during Dark Ascension that the "rare" card in the pack was Lingering Souls - it is even better than most rares in the set. With the combination of Intangible Virtue, you can see why this 2-card combo was too powerful in Block Constructed that both cards were banned. Being a Delver player, I usually don't like this card resolving especially when Intangible Virtues and Honor of the Pure is in play. That way, although not totally "unbeatable", I would then hope to draw Vapor snags and Snapcaster Mage ASAP.

I love the art on the FNM promo but was quite sad that the Artist is John Stanko. This is because John Stanko was the guest artist last Grand Prix manila 2012 and having a playset of this signed by the artist would have been very cool.

I have also attached the original art of the card from Dark Ascension, so we can compare the 2 cards and if ever you still don't have  playset of these, I think you should get your own copy - the question will be, will it be a playset of the September 2012 FNM promo or the regular Lingering Souls?

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