August 15, 2013

WUR Flash - M14 Gameday Report


The M14 Gameday was held last weekend and I brought with me my WUR Flash deck. WUR decks are very well positioned in the current meta game along with Jund decks. These two decks are the most recent decks to beat and most popular decks recently. So in order to be successful in tournaments, our decks should have decent chances against these two decks. Since I am more familiar with WU, I used the WUR build instead and since I did not have enough play testing time if I decided to bring Jund.

Unfortunately, I was 1 win short of the playmat. I ended up in the final round having a match with the only undefeated player after 4 rounds. And I was 3 wins, no loss, 1 draw entering the 5th round. I eventually lost the final round in 3 games and I ended up being the 3rd placer of the tournament. I fell short of winning the gameday event but I had a lot of realizations and possible decks to bring for the future tournaments that I think will be more successful.

One thing that I want to point out is that when you are playing Blue-white-red, play Assemble the Legion. Personally, I would recommend playing two of these in the sideboard. The card is simply amazing against mirror, control and Jund matchups.

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