May 8, 2014

Magic101 - Playing Mini Masters


When you experienced playing Magic: the Gathering or any other card game, you would know that opening booster packs is one of the most exciting and thrilling aspect of the game. But if you can also play a game in addition to the thrill of opening packs, now that would be so much better.

This game is called Mini-Masters, or others call it "Pack Wars", and it's really quite simple to play. Your deck will be comprised of the pack contents and you just need to add basic lands to your deck and you're set! Here are the details on how to play:

1. Each player needs a single booster pack of Magic cards. Any expansion will do, in our case we used Gatecrash since I was looking for specific rares/mythics in this particular set.

2. Each player opens his or her pack without looking at its contents. Be sure to remove the token / advertisement card.

3. Add two of each basic land (Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest) to your pack contents. Note: other players play this by adding three of each basic land.

4. Shuffle your deck and play a regular game of Magic: the Gathering.

Since the players don't know their pack contents yet, they are playing the game carrying the excitement of knowing the cards that he or she got with each draw, thus maintaining the surprise and excitement factor brought by opening packs. You also get to experience using the cards first hand or winning with the rare card that you were hoping to get. You may win or lose the game but drawing your mythic rare card during the game lets you go home with a smile on your face.

Just another way of enjoying Magic: the Gathering.

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