April 28, 2008

Shadowmoor Sneak Peek


just one week to go before Shadowmoor, the 2nd block for the Lorwyn cycle, will be released into the market.

A couple of days ago, i joined the local MTG sneak peek tournament for shadowmoor. I did not have the experience of joining the pre-release tournament so i did not have any demigod of revenge foil card. But no need to be down because a better card is waiting to be picked out from the set. this card is the vexing shusher and this card is the release card for shadowmoor!

This is another RARE release card by wizards and this card is no crap rare!.. 2/2 creature for a cost of 2 mana, not only that, it's mana cost is hybrid mana!.. It cannot be countered and for the cost of one mana, it can make your other spells uncounterable! may arguably be the best goblin ever printed!.. WOW! this thing can really give blue players a hell of a headache! Bitterblossom? Wizards?.. get ready!

Well, my sneak peek performance is fair.. I did not really get a spot but I got a 2-2 record. at least, my ranking will not go down. But by the way i saw the cards last sunday, this block can really make a difference in the game. Just like the great Aurora that enveloped Lorwyn and transformed it into the dark Shadowmoor, the abilities like Wither, Conspire and Persist has a large impact in the gameplay indeed.. May be too powerful..

But for me, no need to worry.. i am a black player myself and the expansion is working out fine for me, if not working out real great. See you guys in the release tournament next week!



  1. Hi shyan.. it jut how that your really into MTG.. hay.. kaw n jud na...

  2. Hi.. can't leave some kinda profesional comment coz I can't relate myself that much to that card. hehe

    keep it up!



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