May 2, 2008

Budget Standard Cards - Behind Curtains


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Let me tell you that there are cards that are just hanging around that are always overlooked or just not used because it doesn't have decks in the internet (oh well, almost everybody now uses net decks)..

I recall the time when magic players rely on cards that they have or what their friends have and start to build decks around them. or the time when people search for good main and supporting cards to strengthen their strategies. Now, many players do not try to improve their deck construction skills anymore and rely on the decks in the internet (decks that other players built or suggested)..

i have nothing against net decks but i personally used them and found an empty hole every win.. Either because i chose this deck because it is the one having good ratings and wins worldwide (but now truly the deck that my heart beats for..)
As we rely on these, we may not be able to improve our skills in evaluating cards for our own preference.. let me tell you examples of cards that, for me, have been overlooked in standard.


Plague Sliver is a hell of a creature. this is Juzam Djinn Sliver for God's sake!.. It may not be as efficient when you have two of them in play (since you will pay 4 life instead of two life for the Djinn) but this creature is a bomb 5/5 for the cost of 4 mana and it is black!.. Imagine the strength of sliver decks in extended and vintage and One of this creature in play under your control can truly punish the sliver decks!


Do I honestly need to explain this?? okay, for the cost of one mana, your kithkin can kill a wurm!! That's +7/+7 on your blocking creature! man this is one of the ultimate surprises that you can give your opponent!!

There are many many more cards that are overlooked so I suggest we should read our cards as we pick them in packs or see them in stores or albums. Evaluated their potential through your own judgment and share your ideas to others. It could open up a good debate.

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