May 3, 2008

Building a Deck


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Tips In building an MTG deck!

Basically, a deck has a minimum of 60 cards for almost all formats. It can basically have 4 copies of a single card except for basic land cards. As we all know, there are five different colors for Magic: the Gathering and your strategy and deck build relies on the color combinations that you select. Mono-colored decks are the most easy to manage since you only have to worry about 1 color in your cards, and that you will have lesser lands in your deck and more space for your spells. The complexity of the game increases as you increase your colors from two colors to five colors but it can also increase your power and strategy.

A deck can have around 18 - 30 lands but the average number of lands that a deck has is usually 24.

It is also important to put creatures since they are the ones that attack your opponents for damages or they have special abilities that help you achieve your goal in the game. around 20 - 25 creatures is good to the deck.

You can also include other card types and spells in your deck according to your strategy. these other spells include Enchantments, Artifacts, Sorceries, Instants, Planeswalkers to add depth to your deck.

For more information, visit the game's website here.


  1. Shamai MaranguitMay 5, 2008 at 4:44 AM

    Hi! I'm interested about this MTG but I don't how to build a deck and I don't know what's the best color for me. Can you give some tip about it?

  2. that's good.. hehe.. well, for beginners, i suggest choosing white or red.. they are generally easy to understand and are straightforward in achieving a victory..

    thanks for your comment..



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