April 11, 2012

Avacyn Restored Release Card - Restoration Angel - with picture


The Avacyn Restored Launch Party is on May 4, 2012. Remember that starting from Avacyn Restored, Release Promos will be given out to the FNM scheduled during the release of the set. So if you go to the May 4th Friday Night Magic (FNM) tournament, you will get the premium promo card Restoration Angel, while supplies last.

The foil release card is an Angel that costs 4 (3W) and has the ability to blink out a non-Angel creature you control. The exiled creature returns to battlefield at the next end step. So this creature can trigger enters the battlefield effects of non-Angel creatures so that is a plus. 2nd point at 4 mana you get a 3/4 flying creature, that is another plus! However, for me the best ability added to this card is the Flash ability. With Flash, you might be able so save your creatures from removal spells! You can save them from destroy/damage effects. For control decks, you can also cast this angel during the end step of your opponent to go aggro on you opponent next turn. For me, this is one of the must have utility cards in this set.

Click here to see the Pre-Release Promo card.


  1. You are kinda mistaken. The creature she blinks out returns right away. While you can use her to effectively negate a removal spell, wrath effects will take out both her and the creature she tries to save.

  2. "Flicker/Blink" effects actually don't save your creatures from a wrath. They'll save it from a spot removal spell because the card re-enters the battlefield as an entirely new permanent, but when someone wraths (Day of Judgment, for example) the trigger goes on the stack, then you Cloudshift or cast Restoration Angel and the creature is exiled and returned before the wrath trigger resolves, so the creature that re-enters the battlefield still dies. In any case, the promo card is sweet and I'm glad they're giving out a playable foil instead of a card that will never see the light of day in constructed!

  3. thanks Anonymous and Jay, When I posted this, I thought the Angel has a similar ability to venser's return at end of turn. My bad, it doesn't save your dudes from wrath, but can save them from destroy effects/damage effects. Thank you for the information.

    this is a pretty sweet give away for the launch party. :D



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