April 11, 2012

【AVR】 Avacyn Restored Gameday Promo Cards - Latch Seeker and Killing Wave


The Avacyn Restored Game Day date will be on May 26-27, 2012. Everybody who registers for the game day will receive an extended art Latch Seeker. Note that the extended art gameday cards now have inner borders, which are quite cool in my opinion.

If you fared well in the game day, the top 8 will receive a foil extended art Killing Wave! Killing wave is a very good black removal spell that gives your opponent the choice to save the creatures. A pretty decent card for a prize for your game day efforts.


  1. "killing wave is a very good..." stopped reading there ;)

  2. Thank you for your comment Anonymous. I posted this article last April 11, when the meta game was filled with White-green tokens and black-white tokens.

    However, nowadays, I totally agree with you, Killing Wave is a disappointment - save for a red-black deck wherein I think it can be usable for a late game creature kill, but not an auto-include card even in that deck. I used to love this card as a one-of in UB control or Solar Flare, however, the idea of letting your opponent save his/her "best" creature, rules out all the other things this card can do.



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