May 19, 2008

My Favorite Card!!


I am a black player. For the many years that I played magic: the gathering, I have always been black, always been evil, always been tormenting the mind of my opponent. I did not want to win through stompy creatures of combat. i wanted my opponents to think, and to think.. Up to the point of realizing there's nothing more to think about but the acceptance of defeat..

I woke up with these thoughts in my mind. For so long I have been playing black. And I cannot deny the truth in what the voice in my head had said. this is how i wanted winning to be. i am just a casual player and so i did not necessarily long to achieve a certain card.. But the darkness in the card is pulling me. yes, I like the art.. i like tha ablity.. I already have three, and in a matter of months I am going to have four.. i have completed 20 tournaments and so my waiting days are over.. and all will be damned!!! *evil laugh*.. hehehe

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