May 25, 2008



Conspiracy! yep, we heard of things like this in history.. but what i am going to blog about is not about history, but conspiracy in the newest set shadowmoor in my favorite card game - Magic: the gathering. Yes, I am back in business!

I will feature this card for its conspire ability - not to mention i personally like black-blue hehe. For a hybrid cost of 1, this card will let you mill 4 cards from your opponent's library. Conspire ability is pretty simple and it is divided into 2 parts. the 1st part is the ADDITION to the cost which is to tap two untapped creatures you control that share a color with the spell with conspire - in this case, black or blue. And you can only pay this once per spell. the 2nd part of the ability is the trigger that copies the spell as you play it. You can choose a new target for the copy.

So, the mill 4 of memory sluice can make it mill 8 if you conspire 2 creatures that you have in play. And just a crazy idea.. imagine having these creatures in play.. you will be milling your opponent's deck in no time!.. tap the grimoires for conspire! hehe

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  1. hello bry...hehehe thanks for droppin by my blog...but do edit the link kasi di ko na masyadong inaupdate yung blog na yun.

    ito po ang blog ko na isa -

    and this entry reminds me of my long lost magic cards...hehehe



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