May 8, 2008

Makeshift My Day..


Just what makes your day better than an instant creature?.. yes, strategically, you have different uses for this kind of spell.. What I like about this card is that it uses only one black mana for a reanimator. that 3B.. regular standard reanimators cost 2BB..that makes the other ones built for decks with lots of black mana in it.. but for Makeshift, you can add it in black-splashed deck. Moving on, it can be used in instant-speed, you can play it during an opponent's turn or at end of turn.. meaning, it is good for defensive purposes, such as an instant blocker during your opponents combat phase or, if used at the end of turn of an opponent, your mannequinned creature will be able to attack during your turn..

you can use this with creatures that have "comes into play abilities" such as mulldrifter that makes you draw 2 cards.. or my favorite.. SHRIEKMAW..

imagine this scenario, 2 kithkins (white) are attacking you, you have no creatures in play and your opponent thinks he will win the game and attacks with hopes of victory.. to his surprise, you cast makeshift mannequin and targets shriekmaw in your graveyard.. shriekmaw comes into play destroying one kithkin (1 to go).. and blocks the remaining creature!.. walahhhh!.. Stealing out the victory from your opponent!..

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