May 16, 2008

Magic101 : How to return to MTG?


What can you do to return to playing Magic:the gathering after being inactive for some time?.. Well, we know that we are all busy and we may have our own reasons why we have to stop playing. But in case your schedule becomes loose again and decides to go back playing, these are my ideas on how to..

Go Extended/Modern!
well, you can always play extended or modern tournaments wherein you may use the cards from where you are still active in playing Magic.

Catch-up in Standard
Well, the problem you will encounter is how to build a competitive deck for standard. Since standard tournaments only use cards that are around for the last 2 years only. Or the recent two blocks are valid for Standard play. These are my suggestions to be able to get cards that you need.

1. Buy a booster box/booster packs.. This is important when you want to get a wide variety of cards in a specific expansion from commons, uncommons, and rares.. this can virtually give you every card in the expansion.

2. Make a deck list and buy the specific cards you want. In this strategy, you are being selective in your cards. One advantage of this is that you surely get what you need and what you want. However, you will not be able to get the other cool cards in the expansion..

Hope I gave you guys some ideas..

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