May 22, 2008



Am i going to quit anyway?.. I can't seem to have the time anymore to play Paper magic:the Gathering cards.. i may have to go and play online?.. what do you think?.. My chances are withering away from me and I am slowly getting tired of the game.

i do not like the meta of the game right now. Although I am happy that the idea of hybrid colors were returned in shadowmoor, it is surely nothing compared to y favorite Block ever, Ravnica - where the concept of hybrid mana was first introduced. I played Dimir during that time and Mill was my favorite strategy. Now, Black-Blue is for merfolks or the malignant merrows of shadowmoor - but they are just a shoade, in terms of milling ability, discard ability, and over all attacking capability of the old house Dimir.

One thing that I liked though in the expansion is the Wither ability. Which is activated when a creature with wither deals combat damage to a creature. Instead of regular damage, a creature with wither deals damage in the form of -1/-1 counters on the defending creature.. Sounds very promising and very insane!!!

but still.. i hope to find some spark here.. and not let my love for this game wither away..

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