September 26, 2010

How to Develop a Successful iPhone Game


The iPhone brought about a revolution in game developer land. With the ease of access, developers found themselves being able to quickly land themselves in an international market among avid iPhone users that are always looking for the next “cool” game to enjoy. The good thing about the iPhone is that it's easy for young and old developers alike to get into.

The first thing you will need is access to a computer, or even better your own Mac. It is easier to develop programs for the Mac OS if you are working on one. There is no need to get the top of the line either, so for those interested in developing iPhone games, don’t throw away that old Mac book that is on its last leg -- wait until the game you develop on that old Mac book become widely famous first.

The next step should be to visit Apple’s site and download their free development kit. This kit will provide you with all of the tools you need to get started. Next is to get a good grasp on Objective C. Objective C is the main programming tool for any iPhone game or application development. Once you have developed a good understanding of objective C, you should be able to start writing your program. This will require much trial and error, but once you get going it can be a bit addictive. Finally you will need to sign up with the iPhone developer program. When you are a member you can actually test your program on the iPhone platform to ensure that it will work. Once the game is fully developed you can submit it to Apple and wait for an acceptance or rejection. If rejected you can always continue to work on the program and resubmit it.

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