September 26, 2010

Probably Best to Leave the Comic Books Out of the Kids Backpack


Adventure is an important part of life, and there are many ways to seek it out. Perhaps you might explore fantastic worlds in books, movies, television, music, and the like – worlds imagined and given loving life by others. Perhaps you might become an active participant in such worlds through the medium of videogames. Perhaps you might create such worlds yourself through creative mediums, from LEGO and Lincoln Logs to painting and art and writing and all those other outlets for imagination.

Still, the real world offers many wonders of its own and they are arguably more wonderful for being real. Some of the best adventures to have are those exploring this tangible world, the creatures and places of which are there for the observing if you only look. Camp out in your backyard and look for interesting bugs or listen for an owl, then lie back and look at the stars. Make sure to turn out the lights first. You could climb a mountain or trek through a volcano or go hang-gliding from a clifftop or ski through the Alpine snow or scuba-dive to the depths of the ocean and see the wonders therein. All these are as awesome as anything from dreams.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, make sure you're prepared. Adventure is only fun if you make it through to tell the tale afterward. Just as in videogames, it would be foolish to head out into the world without proper equipment and supplies. It's reckless in reality to venture into the wild without making sure your bag is packed. Even for those backyard camping trips, better check the kids backpack. The ingredients for S'Mores do not appear in Nature. Do prepare, though, and do have adventure. Life is too precious to squander in monotony. It overflows with thrilling possibility. Seize those chances. “Carpe diem,” indeed.

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