April 27, 2010

Thank You Mr. Katol!


Last night was my first night here in the Hospital in Manolo Fortich. What should be a 5-6 hour trip became an 8-hour trip thanks to the driver of the aircon bus that I rode. The 4 - stop bus stopped in all terminals and bus stops and the driver even goes down to chat in every stop. He also drives very slowly, I wonder if he was sleepy. But finally, when we reached Malaybalay City to take our lunch, the man didn't drive slow any longer.

Anyway, I was staying at the staffhouse when my eyes were beginning to close. By then, it was still 8:30 in the evening. I closed the lights and tried to sleep. But time to time, I woke up feeling mosquito bites on my legs, arms and ears. So I just cover my body with my kumot. Then finally, I thought I am at peace already when I felt that I slept already. Then I woke up, I felt rested and happy. But then I scratched my right elbow, all along my right elbow was exposed when I slept as I got irritated. I grabbed my phone and was surprised that it was still 11:30 pm! I turned on the lights only to find out that I got at least 7 bites on my right elbow and some bites scattered scattered across my left and right arms.

That was it! Thank God I had some Baygon Coils with me, the purple one, the one with Floral Scent. I lighted the mosquito coil with vengeance!! But then again, I forgot to bring the coil stand. Huh! this is war and this won't stop me from getting a good night's rest. I piled up about ten 1 peso coins and balanced the lighted mosquito coil on top of the pile. About a few minutes later, I can smell the smoke of the mosquito coil spreading in the room. So I just covered my body with my kumot and went to sleep.

When I woke up, it was already morning. And I smiled. Thanks Mr. Katol, you made my night!!! hehehe

btw, this is not in any way sponsored by Baygon heheh I just had a happy experience with the product hehehe


  1. i like how you piled up your 1 peso coins. truly a genius! :D

  2. genius ka dyan!.. hehe since makati na maxado at asar na ako sa lamok, lahat ng ideas iconsider ko mapatayo ko lang ang katol hahaha

  3. hahaha. pero 1 peso coins? i wouldn't have thought about it. ^.^



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