April 27, 2010

My DCI Ratings as of April 19, 2010


Okay, the Magic Nationals 2010 is fast approaching and I really can't make it even after the June 2, 2010 cut-off date. Those who qualify for the Magic Nationals are, I think, the top 75 for each country for the "Total" ratings. Let me give you a picture of where I am right now.

I am currently rank 647 in the Philippines with a ratings of 1680. Although at least, being in page 33 out of 174 pages, and being rank 647 out of 3465 is not that bad. But I have to admit, lately, I have been ranking low in my sanctioned tournaments, save a few times, like finishing 1-3, 2-3 and 2-2 only. It's because I have been very busy with work the past year or so, and I come to the magic shop (when I have the time) with a deck that I haven't really practiced and mastered. It's like coming to war unprepared, so as a result, major drops in the ratings.

I opt to change things these following weeks, my first goal is to try to raise my total ratings to 1750 before the cut-off for Magic Nationals, but before I can do that, I have to give time to magic: the gathering again. Although I'm still not sure if I can devote as much time to magic again and raise my ratings again, my future in magic will be dictated by the results of the PhilNITS exam that I took last March 28. Of course, I love magic: the gathering. But passing the exam is everything to me right now.

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  1. Because of this post, I checked my DCI and lo, less than 1700. Hehe. Inactive. Argh.



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