April 22, 2010

The Shoe I want so Bad!!! Kobe V...


Many of my friends know that I am a Phoenix Suns fan. Btw, good luck to the suns as they try to take a 2-1 lead against the Trailblazers today. weeee. What others don't know is that I like the Phoenix suns as a team but there's no one player that I like more than Kobe Bryant. When I go to the mall, the Nike store is always on my list. And there's only one shoe that I really really want in that store. And that's Nike's Zoom Kobe 5.

Aside from the fact that this pair of shoes is the latest shoes of my idol Kobe Bryant (which takes up about 50% of my choice -- biased hehehe), I really like the design of the shoes. The medium cut of the shoe makes it versatile enough to be played in a heavy basketball game while it can also be good for casual attire. It's good because when you drive to the basket fast, you don't want thick material pressuring your ankle. I tried these shoes one time and it was really amazingly light. Personally, I would prefer light shoes when I play basketball as opposed to the bulky types like that of Lebron James, mainly because it doesn't fit my body type and that my game as a point guard/shooting guard requires me to be fast. The outsole of the shoe comes with a great grip that equips you for an easy change of direction with your cross-over move. I can spend all day pointing out the features of these shoes that astounded me but the player inside you picks out the basketball shoes for you. Inside me, Kobe 5 is my calling and these shoes makes me feel like I can play better and elevate my game.


  1. I am really delighted to see new entertaining and interesting topics here. Not that MTG is boring, you know how much I love it! Hehe. Btw, because I'm back to MTG, I have a new blog here: http://www.mtgirl.info/

    Hope you can visit me there. :)

  2. hahaha thanks liz.. ikaw ata palging first comment sa aking posts.. hehe thanks maxado.. oo, nalink ko na nga yung new magic blog mo hehe..

    btw, good job sa eldraliz logo hehehe

  3. Its expensive.. really! it costs almost like a brand new 8GB iPod.. haha



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