April 27, 2010

Philnits March 29, 2010 Exam results..


I just posted the blog of how my life will be dictated by the results of the PhilNITS exam.. and after a few minutes, the results were up!... Sadly, I didn't pass the Am exam, I was already passed in the afternoon exam so I just took the morning exam. Unfortunately again, I didn't pass... I honestly don't understand it anymore.

But this post is not for me but to the passers of the March 2010 exam.

I would like to congratulate the following passers from Davao:

belleza, lloyd godoy
de guzman, israel garcia
diva, ray gabriel alvarez
dizon, kate mariel andosay
ebero, ria theresa magnaye
manluctao, clarice germin torres
matunog, michael nazal
parreno, eden jane sumugat
pelenio, kiara rina gubantes
quinones, alvin jed monsanto
salvador, ronnie ray dioquino
san pablo, karen rachel jabagat
sandoval, ace andrion de pedro
tapulado, rochelle escabarte
wong, bryan inno nueva

for the complete list of passers please visit Philnits.org

Conratulations once again...

I would like to give my thanks to the person that really helped us all. To the person who believed in me more, Sir Aloysius Torres. Salamat sa pagextend ng help sa akin at sa aming lahat. I'm really sad that as a group, I haven't contributed to our goal. I always say next time. Hmmm, well maybe, this time, I'll just see. ^_^

CONGRATS!!!! ^_^


  1. congrats to passers... Is manluctao, clarice from Butuan? (if you know her).

  2. @JR, yes I know clarice.. and she's a good friend of mine.. ^_^

    updates!!! ^_^



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