August 21, 2008

Sunken ruins of my old self..


I have been very very busy for the last year and I haven’t had any time to get back to my favorite card game.. Maybe there were times when i got back, entered tournaments, visited the shop and had mind healthy discussions of strategies and card evaluations with some of my friends but the truth is, this is just a shadow of the percentage of my life that i once devoted to this part of my life…

recently, i have been trading away my cards to get back to black and blue.. and finally, a very good land card for black and blue came out.. actually, it came out several months ago but I have evaluated cards for several years and the best cards are the basic resources of the game - yep, land cards.. and this card got me back up to black blue..

I just want to share this to you guys.. this is called grave games.. basically, relevant to what i have been going through.. returning to these colors and returning to building up and excelling to every aspect of my life.. and playing magic the gathering is a part of me and i have forgotten that I wanted to be the best..

Black-Blue Gravegames

creatures: 4 mulldrifter, 4 shriekmaw, 3 river kelpie, 2 puppeteer clique, 3 soul snuffers

instants: 4 faerie trickery, 4 broken ambitions, 4 makeshift mannequin, 4 nameless inversion

sorceries: 3 raven’s crime

lands: 4 sunken ruins, 4 vivid marsh, 9 islands, 8 swamps

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