June 22, 2009

My blogsome has no hope.. huhuhu


several months after my PR got nuked from PR4 to n/a, i continued to save my other blog. but unfortunately, all my efforts proved worthless. it has now been 5 months after the nuking incident. and for so long, i have laid this blog dormant or with minimum activity because i was busy rebuilding my other blog fromn the incident.

Now, im still lucky to have a PR 1 in this blog and i am not going to abadon it again, at least for saving itself. so, i will be updating this blog from now on.. I hope i can recover my PR4 in this blog. coz honestly, i lost many potential incomes after my PR dropped to zero in the other blog ..

Here's to a fresh start! :)


  1. I experienced the same thing with the recent pagerank update. My PR dropped from 2 to n/a. Got any idea why that happened? I would greatly appreciate your help since I've absolutely no idea why.

  2. google doesn't really explain why such pr drops happen. but according to some readings and some people that experienced the same situation, it might be because of degradation of recent activities for the blog (might not be in my case) or google detected paid advertisements in your (our) blogs that made google penalize our blog by dropping the PRs to 0 or N/A..

  3. Fresh start kamo for PR. Earn by writing reviews. LOL. Check mo Quick Cash sa Blog Ko. :P

  4. Hmm. That explains it. I haven't been posting as much lately. Hope I can get my PR back at the next update. Thanks for the reply!



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