March 14, 2011

Magic: the Gathering "Action" Set Info


Wow! absolutely nice. Until today, wizards still hasn't announced the outcome of the 3rd set in Scars of Mirrodin block. It will be called either New Phyrexia or Mirrodin Pure. Not both. And it's already decided. It will be for sale on May 13, 2011, and the Prerelease Events will be May, 7-8, 2011. Although I personally think the Phyrexian Packaging looks scary and cool, we are still not sure what will be th 3rd set.

On the left of the attcahed picture, Mirrodin Pure. On the right, New Phyrexia. One of these will be the third set of Scars of Mirrodin block, released in May, 2011. Which side are you on? I can't wait to see the cards in this new set!

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