October 11, 2011

Let Us Join BC Bloggers Together


Building up your blog value is a must and building a connection -- links to other bloggers is a very important thing to do in order for us to connect and share ideas with others. Thanks to BC Bloggers, bloggers may fill their blogrolls the fast and easy way.

We don’t have to beg for links once we become members of BC Bloggers. And Willing participants can join by following these easy steps:

1. Blog about BC Bloggers to encourage others to sign up and link to www.mommydiary.net. The more people joining the more links you’ll have. Don’t forget to share your post at Facebook and twitter!

2. Add BC Bloggers badge in your sidebar.


3. Add a page in your blog to show where you’ll add the BC Bloggers links. You can add it to your blog roll or existing BC Bloggers links. Then submit your details to this blog. Link collection will close on October 15, 2011 so hurry and enjoy blogging!

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