October 8, 2011

My first INNISTRAD booster pack


I was in our local MTG shop, Neutral Grounds Cebu, yesterday when I was preparing myself for a tournament. i playtested for a while against 2 birthing Pod decks and later (when I decided not to join the tourney anymore) I playtested against Monored of my friend Paul Anthony Ortega. Although I won all these matches in game 3 (2-1 in a best of 3 series, I lost to all 1st games).

This got me thinking, I haven"t been in an FNM tournament since INNISTRAD was released and I don"t know the current META in our local shop. So rather than spending the next 4.5 hours playing in a tournament which I do not know decks, I realized I haven't opened my first INNISTRAD booster pack yet (pre-release party not counted since I only played for another friend -- he got all the cards though). So I bought a booster pack.

I looked at the back side of the cards to see if it is a flip card. Yeah! It is actually a rare flip card! It is Ludevic's Test Subject | Ludevic's Abomination and back in my mind, this is actually a very good treat already since I have 2 rares in my first booster pack. I was a bit sad while looking into the commons since there were no Think Twice and Forbidden Alchemy. But when I reached the final uncommon, I slowly revealed the color of the rare. It was blue. Then I looked at the mana cost by tilting the cards slowly. It was 1 colorless and blue mana. I thought it would only be Mindshrieker or Snapcaster. So I tilted again the bottom part so that I could only see the power and toughness. I was soooo happy when I saw 2/1. This is it! Snapcaster Mage in my 1st INNISTRAD booster pack! What a great experience.

I'm sorry if the image quality is not good I just used my old phone's camera on this one. >.<

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  1. A one-color deck would be best for ensuring that you can play your cards, but again, you probably will not be able to draft enough good cards of one color to build a deck, unless you include some very weak cards.



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