January 9, 2012

Dark Ascension Release Party Card - Mondronen Shaman//Tovolar's Magehunter - with picture


See the Dark Ascension Release Premium foil Card here.

The art is actually very scary but I like it as it actually terrifies the opponents once it flips. As a Mondronen Shaman, a 3/2 for 4 mana, it is nothing special but once it becomes Tovolar's Magehunter, it is totally a different story. It becomes a big 5/5 that punishes the opponent for 2 damage for every spell before it can flip back to human form after 2 spells.

Coming this February 3, 2012 - Mondronen Shaman//Tovolar's Magehunter - with picture.

See the Dark Ascension Pre-release Promo Card here.

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