January 8, 2012

Happy New Year


Happy New year everyone!

It was a fruitful and busy year last 2011. Although when the year ended, my blog layout was a mess for reasons that I didn't know. I took the time to fix the layout tonight and finally I fixed it.

For year 2012, I hope to have a more fruitful year and I would like to think of this year as self-improvement year. I have several new year's resolutions but all of them are leaning towards self-improvement.

I would like to improve in my work ethics, improve my programming skills, and improve my overall skills as a Research and Development Engineer in the company that I work for. I want to improve my basketball skills and improve physical fitness by doing a lot of exercises when I have the free time and work on my game everytime we have a basketball game in our company. I would also like to improve my skills in MTG since I have less time to play last year. I would like to participate in National events this year including Grand Prix tournaments. Lastly, I want to improve myself in my relationship and my friends and everyone close to me. Will also improve how I handle my finances and help my family with what we need.

Happy New Year Everyone! May we all have a great 2012!!!

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