August 21, 2012

August 2012 FNM Card - Avacyn's Pilgrim with Picture


Want to meet new friends while winning cool foil prize cards? August 2012 is definitely the time to meet new friends in your local shops and win the FNM premium foil card! August's Friday Night Magic's foil card is Avacyn's Pilgrim - a one-to-cast human monk that can be tapped to produce 1 white mana.
Even though Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves will be rotating out of standard, green still has this pilgrim and Arbor Elf to handle the early mana acceleration. This is definitely a great card and is enough to inspire us to play FNMs this month.

Here it is August 2012 FNM Card - Avacyn's Pilgrim with Picture.

Plus, the art of the FNM foil is pretty sweet. You can compare it with the Avacyn's Pilgrim Regular card below.

That's it! Win this card and meet new friends while enjoying Magic.

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