August 3, 2012




Indeed, it has been a very long time since I posted in my blog. And for quite some time now, I haven't been able to consistently play Magic, I have been working tirelessly to reach deadlines. My life has been work - go home to sleep - then work again.

My body began to give in, I got sick, but fortunately, can still have enough energy to work and reach deadline. The past 2 days, my schedule became easier and I had time to relax. Luckily, for the time that I have been very busy, I took time to watch the Amazing Spiderman and watch some old movies in my laptop on weekend nights.

My basketball life has been stagnant since I left for Makati last May and now that I am back in Cebu, still no basketball games, not even time to go jogging and hopefully start preparations for the sportsfest. But I have updated myself in the latest news about Kobe and that Steve Nash  is coming to the Lakers. Again, my idol in basketball is Kobe Bryant, but my favorite team is the Phoenix Suns because of the offensive style due to the floor management of Steve Nash - also I rooted for Michael Redd last season to revive his career. But this upcoming season, I know that there will only be one team that I will be watching.. and that will be my Lakers and their quest for a new run to the NBA championship.

Hopefully, this coming December, I can buy new basketball shoes. :P

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