January 20, 2013

January 2013 FNM Card - Searing Spear with Picture


The Friday Night Magic Promo card for January 2013 is Searing Spear.

Although Searing Spear is not of the same caliber as previous 2 mana burn spells like Incinerate, Magma Jet, Searing Blaze or others, Searing Spear has found a home in Standard as a staple in decks running red. 3 damage for 2 mana and being an instant makes it very hard to overlook. May it be for your Red-x aggro decks or the midrange decks like Blue-White-Red Falsh/Geist build, Searing Spear defninitely gives you the edge of instant removal for your opponent's creatures early game and your reach to finish the game.

Besides, the artwork for this promo is better than the non-promo counterpart so I think it's a pretty sweet giveaway for FNMs this month.

Here it is, your January 2013 FNM card, Searing Spear.

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