January 13, 2013

Snapcasting 2012 and Revealing 2013


This blog has been inactive for quite a long time, in fact so long that I wasn't able to write about anything at the end of 2012. The end of 2012 was a mixture of excitement and exhaustion in my part. At work, we were constantly battling deadlines everyday and overtime work slowly became a routine for us. Then something unexpected happened, I was being sent to Japan for bug fixing tasks for our project. Although people were saying that the project in Japan will be more exhausting compared to what we experienced here in the Philippines side, I just thought that work will always be challenging and I cannot even think of passing a chance to go to Japan.

Although I only stayed for two and a half months in Japan, it was full of memorable experiences. First off, I loved the food! No matter how busy we were at work (working from Monday to Saturday and trying everyday not to leave by the last train), I gained weight - much to a surprise of the people I know because most people indeed lose weight when placed in such environment with pressure in work. I was only free during Sundays and I really thank my girlfriend for giving time to meet me on Sundays and little by little, visiting places that we can during my half-day availability - since we were 50 minutes away from each other by train. But we were able to visit Hachiko in shibuya station, was able to shop in Shibuya, explored Shinjuku, went to the outlet shops in Yokohama, touch the inner children within us and be amazed by the magic of Tokyo Disneyland, Great Viking buffet where you get to cook your own food and so many little things that are memorable from eating ramen and trying out different food shops to grilling our own food.

Work was challenging but the most challenging/difficult for me was communication. Although I am an N4 passer and studying N3 already for Nihongo, I panic when actually speaking with the client/bosses - but I end up realizing I understood what they were saying after the conversation when I had finally broken down their statements. = |

Hobbies were something that were really a highlight for me in Japan. Card games were rampant in Japan, and sadly, my favorite card game Magic:the gathering is sometimes overshadowed by local card games. However, in the bigger cities, bigger MTG shops were located and those were my comfort areas. Although I didn't have the time to play and I left my MTG cards in the Philippines so that I can focus doing work and other things in my short stay in Japan, I was able to purchase some Japanese cards, which I thought were amazing since I am able to read some of the texts already - thus inspiring me to do better in studying Japanese. = ). I was also able to buy Gundam miniatures, wherein you get to construct them. I happily formed them during my holiday break and definitely would be looking to buy more when I get the chance to return to Japan.

Lastly, I was able to buy Kobe System VII in the Nike outlet shop in Yokohama and this can hopefully inspire me to improve my game in basketball. With so many months of not playing basketball I hope I can get back to game shape soon by joining our Wednesday play group here in the office.

With those things that were part of my 2012, I was able to formulate my 2013 resolutions:
- reduce weight, be physically fit and staying in shape
- be a better boyfriend
- improve Japanese skills
- improve skills in Magic: the Gathering (since there is no Grand Prix Manila this year, I will be targeting to get to Day 2 and hopefully be in top 64 next year)
- improve skills in basketball
- be more technically capable in work

Hoping to achieve everything at the end of this year!

Happy 2013!

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