April 22, 2013

May 2013 FNM Card - Judge's Familiar with Picture


May 2013's Friday Night Magic Promo card is Judge's Familiar. This is a good promo card at the very least. Although Judge's Familiar hasn't seen much play in competitive Standard, the card itself is an efficient card with a 1/1 body and flying for 1 mana. And it has a "Cursecathcer" ability that enables you to counter an instant or sorcery spell. With this in play and in an aggro deck, it could have been good as it can delay Wrath of God and wipe out effects for a turn. However, I think the printing of Supreme Verdict has removed the potential of this card to be included in Standard deck lists. But overall, this is still a decent promo card and the artwork is great!

Comparing it to its regular artwork, both are actually very good. But I think I am a bit more biased in the foil one because of the mere fact that it is a foil ^_^

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