June 5, 2013

Featured deck: Simic Undying by Sanberth Claracay


Last Dragon's Maze Gameday, there was a Simic deck that made it to the Top 8 here in Neutral Grounds Cebu. It was actually the deck of my friend Mr. Sanberth Claracay, that employs the strategy of Undying creatures + Rapid Hybridization + Evolve to beat the opponent down. Personally, I would like to call this deck Simic Undying Evolve, I think it sounds cooler hehe. Anyway, the concept of the deck is actually very strong. The deck is aggressive and early creatures can quickly evolve by using the combo and Rancors give your creatures the needed reach. Zameck Guildmages ensure you have cards in your hand or can make your creatures bigger. With this aggressive strategy in the offensive end, board disruption and counter magic will seal the deal for this deck.

I talked to Sanberth after the tournament and picked his brains about the deck and how it fits in the current meta game. I have attached my short conversation with Sanberth. I really thought his deck was worth posting because the deck is very interactive and seems very fun to play with.

Why you chose the deck?

Simple, I love nature and science...but MTG wise, this deck is also flexible enough to be an Aggro, Mid-Range, Control Deck...Although
its main core is Aggro. Each creature inflicts enough damage, and when combined is much more powerful. The combination of Undying creatures plus
Evolve is very cool. This deck packs so much offensive power, but does not mean its left out on the defensive side.

Your favorite cards in the deck and why?

All?! because each cards synergizes with the other. My favorite cards are the Elusive Krasis, Stranglewood Geists, Rapid Hybridization, Simic Charm as well as SPELL RUPTURE... The look in their faces when you counter their spells and they cannot pay that amount.

Notable Cards

Elusive Krasis - it can evolve and it's unblockable, good finisher.
Strangleroot Geists - Haste and Undying? Good for Rapid Hybridization.
Rapid Hybridization - Who does not want an 3/3 Amphibian-Reptile hybrid? for just 1 Blue Mana.
Spell Rupture - A good counter spell if you've got enough power, literally!.
Simic Charm - Very very good card, can be used both offensively and defensively.

Why do you think the deck is good ?

Just remember the acronym SIMIC.

S - afe
I - mpetuous
M - etagaming and
I - nexpensive
C - asting Cost

For the complete deck list. See the list below.

Simic Undying (What kills you, makes U Grow stronger) by Sanberth Claracay
3 Breeding Pool
4 Hinterland Harbor
2 Simic Guildgate
7 Forest
6 Island

4 Cloudfin Raptor
3 Elusive Krasis
1 Shambleshark
4 Strangleroot Geists
4 Young Wolf
4 Zameck Guildmage
4 Rancor


4 Rapid Hybridization
4 Spell Rupture
4 Simic Charm
2 Unsummon

3 Shambleshark
2 Tormod's Crypt
2 Primal Huntbeast
2 Renegade Krasis
2 Negate
2 Naturalize
1 Redirect
1 Dispel

Tournament Summary:
Round 1: vs Esper Spirits (Loss 0-2) : 0-1
Round 2: vs Rakdos Aggro (Win 2-1) : 1-1
Round 3: vs Bant Control (Win 2-0) : 2-1
Round 4: vs URG Aggro (Loss 0-2) : 2-2
Round 5: vs BW Reanimator (Win 2-1) : 3-2

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