June 24, 2013

Daylight / Girl on Fire, Raise Your Glass Cover


I was really busy the past few weeks and I spent 3 consecutive weekends away from my hobbies. To start off, I went home to Davao, then in the second week I went to Siargao for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of our company, then lastly, in the 3rd week, I spent the weekend with my high school friends by spending the night in the house of our batchmates away from the city and enjoying the infinity pool in their subdivision's clubhouse. If you spend almost a month away from the things you like doing, you should be doing something more interesting and my 3 weeks get away is simply one of the best 3 weekends of my life.

In our Siargao Outing, we had a simple performance by playing an intermission number composed of a cover of the mash up of Daylight and Girl on Fire by Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys followed by a cover of Raise Your Glass by Pink to celebrate the 20 successful years in our company. I'm a bit hesitant to share this to the public but this is just for the fun of it. We had many errors, voice is not very good because our throats were already tired and dry for the day's activities and there were also technical challenges, but what's important was that everybody had a good time and we are lucky enough to have this moment captured on video by our other office mates.

Band members: Dwain Jacob Cadenas - Beatbox, June Alice Besinga - Guitar/Vocals, Alvin Sarael - Bass, Eden Jane Pareno - Keyboards, Kayzel Marie Garbo - Vocals/Shaker, and yours truly Bryan Inno Wong - Vocals/Shaker!

Back to reality now and I am more than willing to get back to my weekly schedule of activities! ^_^

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