March 15, 2015

Tetsu Tsukemen


If you are in Shibuya abnd you are craving for some Tsukemen, then I got the place for you -- Tetsu Tsukemen.

The shop is conveniently located near the Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station in Tokyo.

However, The shop is not located in the main road so you need to go into the smaller alleys of Shibuya to get there.

Upon entering the shop, there is a machine where you can select your order and will receive your payment. The price is also displayed in the buttons of the machine. Ordering is easy but not all orders have pictures but some helpful common terms will help.

Tsukemen : Warm Noodles will be served separately with your soup.

Atsumori : Similar to the tsukemen but your Noodles are served with hot/warm water to keep the noodles warmer.

After ordering in the machine. The machine will issue your change and a stub. This stub will then be given to the staff after he/she shows you to your table. There are both counter seats and table seats available in the shop but most likely, if you are alone, you will be seated in the counter seat.

Upon receiving your stub, the staff will usually ask you how much "men" or noodles do you want. In tetsu, the regular serving is 200 grams of noodles is the regular or "futsu". You can also ask for "chuu mori" = 250 grams. "Oo mori" is 300 grams. "Toku mori" is 400 grams. Increasing your noodles until Toku Mori is free of charge. But personally I haven't tried Toku mori as I think I cannot eat all of the 400 grams.

When your order arrives, enjoy your meal!

As you eat your Tsukemen, your soup will eventually lose its warmth since the noodles that you dipped are basically cooler than your soup. If you want your soup to warm up again simply ask the staff for a hot stone or "Yaki Ishi". You can then put the Yaki Ishi in your soup to warm it up. Do not touch the stone, use a spoon.

"Hondashi" is also available in the counter or your table. Compared to ramen, the soup of the tsukemen is thicker. If you want to drink it, you can mix the warm hondashi broth to your soup and drink it afterwards. Although some people drink the soup as it is but I do think it is too thick.

Thank you very much for the read. If you visit Shibuya and you crave for Tsukemen, by any means drop by Tetsu!

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