October 1, 2010

Different Types of Online Games


There are a wide variety of different online games that are available for free play. Games fall into many different categories because people have different interests and preferences when it comes to gaming. For example, there are arcade style games, card games, logic games, board games, text adventure games, simulation or "sim" games, strategy games, graphical games, first person shooting games or FPS games, RPG games and many other types of games. Each caters to a different type of person, challenging people in different ways.

For example, role playing games, abbreviated to RPG, let you create detailed characters and accomplish quests and goals as you advance through the game. Simulation or "sim" games offer the same role-filling capability, but do not typically require that you fulfill quests to develop your character in the same way.

Driving games allow you to ride in cars, trucks or on motorcycles while racing against other opponents so that you can "soup up" your vehicle. Strategy, puzzle, logic and card games are designed to challenge your mind in a turn-based setting rather than relying on real-time action to keep you entertained.

First person shooter games allow you to behave as a soldier, a police officer, a spy, an alien hunter or some other individual that relies on weaponry, hand-eye coordination and skill to shoot targets for better scores. Text adventure games cater to intellectual types who can play in a purely text-based format without any visual guide.

If you are exploring the world of gaming, it would benefit you to try different styles or genres of games to see which best appeal to you. You may find some types of games boring or too challenging, while others may be fun and enjoyable for you. The more you experiment, the more likely you will be to find something that you like. There is definitely an endless selection of online games to choose from if you are willing to look around at what is available to you.

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  1. Huge fan of text adventure games. Been playing them for years now. I have been off to play nearly every graphic game there is and I keep coming back to them.



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