October 1, 2010

Magic101 : Basic Magic the Gathering Tips


The internet is useful to search recipes, information, or even helpful “Magic the Gathering” tips. “Magic the Gathering” is a card game that is played with specific decks of cards. Beginners start out with a basic pack of cards that allow them to start playing; however, as they progress, they will want to collect cards that have more value and can help them win the game. Because of this, certain “Magic the Gathering” cards can be very valuable. Some of the more coveted ones are even sold for very high prices.

The object of “Magic the Gathering” is to maintain as many “life points” as possible. You start with twenty and you lose when your points fall to zero or below (yes, it’s possible to have negative scores) or if you have to draw from an empty deck. Your deck is referred to as the library when playing the game.

So, of course, you don’t want to lose “life points”, you want to keep as many as possible. And, here are a few ways to do that:

* Try to keep or get as many “spells” and “lands” as possible. You’ll need the “lands” for energy when you’re casting “spells.”

* Make sure the creatures you have are worth what you have given up for them. In other words, don’t trade four cards for one weak creature.

* Bigger isn’t always better. Ground creatures are good, but smaller ones that can crawl, sneak, and fly can help you gain some ground.

* Cast your spells carefully. Remember that non-creature spells are usually not as strong as others, so only use them when you have to.

* Remember, if you can’t play a card, it’s essentially a dead card, so you must be consistent in how you collect, discard, and play.

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