October 20, 2010

GP foil card 2011 is Maelstrom Pulse


Grand prix cards have always been cards that are very useful in the older formats and for this year, the GP cards maintained their promise. This year's GP premium card is Maelstrom Pulse from the Alara Reborn Set.

Wow! Just wow! When it was in standard, Jund became so strong because of this card. This was basically Jund's answer to everything. A nonland permanent destroyer that costs only 3 mana. It was good already. But it also destroys other permanents with the name?! man, awesome! I remembered pulling out a pulse in the Alara Reborn set and instantly I wanted to build a Jund deck. That's how powerful this card is. Pulse is also a card comparable to Vindicate so I don't need to explain it's power and use in Extended, Vintage and Legacy right? ^_^

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