October 1, 2010

Functional Gazebos


The gazebo might be most associated with wooden structures that have been used for decorations in landscaping plans. While this function remains, the gazebo has become a functional structure that can provide an escape for all ages.

In summer months, the gazebo provides a respite from the heat. On fall days a gazebo can shield you from gusts of cold wind. Almost any basic gazebo can provide these functions, but innovations have turned the gazebo into everything from a oasis playroom for children to a close-to-home escape for adults. Climate controlled gazebos can allow owners to access them all four seasons.

Examples of innovative gazebos include a working office, a cozy den including a fireplace and a place to house a hot tub. These gazebos are more ornate than their open air cousins. Made of glass and metal, these gazebos are lined by windows and offer a less expensive and intrusive way to make additions to a home.

These gazebos are a great way for families to provide extra space when the group takes on additional members. It is an ideal way for parents to provide their children with a play area while keeping the decibel level inside the house at an acceptable level. Or perhaps parents want to do the opposite and build their own private getaway from the rug rats. Some gazebos have included dining areas for summer picnics and winter feasts.

Thoughts of adding a functional gazebo to a residence might be slowed by concerns over price. But home owners might have some built-in options that will reduce the cost of adding a gazebo. A level concrete patio or a brick walkway might be able to provide the flooring. For those not concerned with cost, adding comfortable carpeting might be the best way to turn the gazebo into a functioning getaway.

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