October 1, 2010

When Moving, Pack the Hobby Items Last


Whether you have a large collection of Magic the Gathering cards, or for that matter, any hobby items, packing them up and moving can be stressful. In fact, these may be things that you want to pack at the very end. Last time I moved, my entire collection hobby or playtime things almost ended up left behind. I know that sounds a little crazy, but I absolutely did not want to pack them.

When getting ready to move, there is a lot of stress. Sometimes, the best way to combat that stress is by doing the things you love. Whether that is getting together with some friends for a great game, or other things like scrapbooking, it can be very difficult to put these things in a box that you know you may not be able to open for a long time.

One thing that many people do to combat this feeling of putting themselves away is to keep these things unpacked until the last day. In fact, that is what I did. On the actual day that I was moving, I finally pulled out a box, put the cards in them, and that box did not leave my sight. I placed it in the car with a few other things that I would want or need almost right away. This made me a lot more comfortable. Being able to pull that box out of the car and open it right away when getting to the new house was a huge relief. I was starting over in a new area, I didn't know anyone, and was feeling really out of my element. Being able to have my hobby right there with me was great. It made me realize that no matter how nervous I was about the move, everything would be OK. I was still me, and that is what mattered.

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