October 27, 2010

Applying for Unionbank EON Card


The unionbank EON card would definitely make your blogging life great. Earnings from your blog usually go to your paypal account and the EON cyber account provides an avenue to withdraw your funds from paypal.

Most people don't really know how this works and are basically afraid of the concept. Honestly, I was one of them before but I recently got my EON card and linked it to my paypal account. How it works? To put it simply. Think of your EON card as an ATM card. Once you transfer your funds from Paypal to your EON account, you can withdraw your money like how you withdraw from your ordinary ATM. ^_^ Yep! it's that easy!

Now, to get your Unionbank EON card, simply follow the following steps:

1. Go to the nearest Unionbank branch from your home, office or school.

2. Go to the New Accounts Section and tell them you want to open an EON account.

3. They will ask for photocopies of 2 valid IDs (and bring the original IDs for them to validate and check)

4. Fill up the open accounts form (only 1 page and very convenient and easy).

5. Pay the annual fee of around 350 Php (I'm not sure, I cannot remember already but the fee is around that amount).

That's it! you are done! You just wait at around 7 days before your EON card will be released. Of course some branches may take more than 7 days according to their own policies.

Then after getting the card and before you link your eon card to paypal, perform step #6.

6. Deposit around 200 Php at the minimum. you will need this upon linking/verifying your EON card to your paypal account. Upon linking, Paypal will charge an amount of 100 Php to verify if you own the card but this amount will be refunded to you after verification.

Now you are ready to withdraw your paypal funds and treat your self, family and friends and make things great in your blog life. ^_^

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