October 1, 2010

Magic101 : MTG Tactics: Spending Mana on Mana


The greatest cause of starting-hand mulligans and game frustration with Magic the Gathering tends to be an imbalance of mana. While you can follow a variety of tactics to get the appropriate amount of lands or other mana generation in your deck, it's not nearly as easy as it sounds. One of the best tactics is to mana chain, putting in non-land cards that generate your needed resources. Plenty of cards do this, and the tactic is pretty simple.

There are least two core card types that can assist with bonus mana generation. They are artifacts and creatures. In order to find the right card, you need to know what your exact requirements are. Some of the creatures or artifacts in question generate multiple types of mana, or even mana that can be used as whatever type you require. Decide exactly what sort of mana you need in your deck prior to adding these cards.

When you get down to these cards, try to find specific items that help the overall theme of your deck. For example, if you have an elf deck, there are elf cards that you can tap for mana. If you have an equip deck, there are equipped items that give mana on top of other useful attributes. It's kind of like using debt consolidation services for your deck. It makes the entire process simpler, smoother and more concentrated.

These items shouldn't be used to replace land unless you're finding yourself consistently mana flooded. After all, the point is that these are multi-use cards that take a mana or two to put on the field. Be sure to leave at least enough land cards in your deck that you can get these resources into play appropriately. And remember, always try to keep your deck to the lowest manageable size to reduce the bad side effects of randomization.

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