October 1, 2010

Can You Sell Enough Extra MTG Cards to Pay Your Cell Phone Plan?


We’ve all got stacks of collectible cards sitting around; some cards are our favorites while others are not so useful. It all depends on your game play. Weeding through your deck to get rid of some in order to buy more is a necessary evil, but before you go off and sell cards it’s important to know the value of your cards because some can be worth quite a bit!

All cards in Magic the Gathering have a rarity level assigned to them. Rare and mythic rare cards are the most difficult to find, but this does not insure a higher resale value. Rare cards that are found in newly released sets can have a fairly low resale price, whereas mythic rare cards can be of great value no matter how long ago it was released.

Uncommon cards are typically less sought after and are generally of little value. If you plan on selling uncommon cards you may get more for them if you group them in play sets such as four or more copies of the card, or sell them in bulk such as two dozen uncommon cards in one group.

Common cards are obviously the easiest to find. As a result, they have basically no value. Demand is low for these cards and in order to make any money from them you should sell them in huge lots to make it worthwhile.

The above is a general guideline, with the exception being that the oldest of the cards from sets like the Alpha and Beta have become quite collectible, and if you’re lucky you’ll generate enough cash from the sale of your cards to cover your cell phone plan for the next several months or so.

The best place to check the current value of your cards is on eBay or contact a seller in your area

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