October 23, 2010

FNM Evaluation - Fast Red Koth - RDW


Yep! Again, it's RDW time! hehe I played FNM yesterday and used my Red deck as usual and surprisingly, it had a great run to the top in the first 2 rounds but unfortunately lost the final 2 rounds. As a result, I had a 2-2 standings for the night. I wasn't so happy with it but I feel like modifying the deck and give it a try for at least 2 FNMs more. If the performance improves in the next 2 FNMs, I will stay with red, if not, I will be using my Black-Blue Control deck already.

I used the Red Deck Wins, Fast Red to be exact (but it wasn't as fast as I missed cards like ball lightning, hellspark elemental and hell's thunder, but life has to move on you know ^_^) and using Koth of the Hammer. I should say that Koth of the Hammer is a really solid card, it is basically a nuisance for control and can also race against aggro decks. So i would say, definitely solid and definitely in if you are using Red. Here's the decklist:

4x Goblin Guide
4x Kiln Fiend
4x Plated Geopede
3x Kargan Dragonlord

4x Lightning bolt
4x Burst Lightning
4x Searing Blaze
4x Staggershock
4x Flame slash

2x Koth of the Hammer

4x Scalding tarn
4x Arid Mesa
2x Teetering Peaks
2x smoldering Spires
11x Mountains

3x Mark of Mutiny
4x Ricochet Trap
3x Pyroclasm
2x Manic Vandal
3x Unstable Footing

Round 1 vs U/R Myr: 2-0 (W) -- (1-0)

Round 2 vs U/G Shaman: 2-0 (W) -- (2-0)

Round 3 vs U/R Titan Control: 0-2 (L) -- (2-1)

Round 4 vs Mono Black Control: 1-2 (L) -- (2-2)

Notes: This build of red is very weak against control deck so I need to check the meta first before going into the games. ^_^. Eat dinner before FNM. I need to add more creatures, this build was designed to maximize Kiln Fiend, without a blocker or if you burn your opponents creatures away or use Smoldering Spires on opponent's creatures, Kiln Fiend deals lethal damage, but for decks with many removals, it's not your best friend. Assault Strobe works best with Kiln Fiend for Double strike damage, but still it doesn't help the deck's chances against control.

I am currently rebuilding the deck list. I will post it before friday so that we can evaluate it for the the next FNM.

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