December 31, 2009

A Happy New Year


I was really shocked to know that my last post in this blog dated back to July 22, 2009. Yep! that was 5 months ago!.. I totally forgot about this as I got very busy and had to deal with a lot of pressures. I was away for around 2 months and I had to work outside Davao and here I am again, with internet access and wanting to get life back on track.

Today is New Year's Eve and I spent my day cleaning up my room. hehe. It was somehow a tradition in the household that we should clean the house before the New year comes to do away with the bad luck and misfortunes of the previous year. It symbolizes the act of removing the bad things in your home. After several years, I found the time to clean my table, it was originally my study table when I was still in the elementary days but I still use it when I was in college or even now at work; a place to put my laptop when I take my work home. I was struck to find a poem that I wrote way back, I didn't even know I could write poems. hehe It was not that good, but, eventhough I cannot remember the experience of writing it, the thought that I wrote it before makes it worth sharing. It has no title but here it is.

once I did not like words
they seem incomplete to describe my feelings
I hated them once and again, today
for the scarcity if to you I'll say
I hated poems of conspiring hearts
coz in these few years we'll be apart
I hated poems, those poems of heartaches
also this poem, as my hand shakes
I hate myself for closing my eyes
with one or two of all those smiles
three or four, if it's with me
will be meaningless as for sure
I hate those feelings that evolved from like
promises slashed and sliced
Alright, it is that I guess
whatever it is, timing's a mess
As before I said, why feel and care?
when I knew it will be the same
I hate myself for the easy ins
and the difficult outs from deep within
Today I wanted to release myself
damn words.. Forgive me, again shorting out
On bended knees, I ask the one above
please carry me out of these chains of L...

well, that's it.. I still can't find the meaning of this. but it looks like I deny something.. hehehe

anyway, a blast from the past and it is really fun to find things that are part of ourselves and try to look back for the reason why the exact moment came to. But we may spend all day searching through the archives of the past, today nothing is more important to me than to act and see what the future holds for me.


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