June 19, 2010

Tevanj Siopao


To start, what is Tevanj Snack Inn?.. It is a local food shop here in Davao City famous for their Siopao or steam buns. Tevanj Siopao has become a known product to the locals of Davao city as well as visitors from other cities as their siopaos come with a distinct Tevanj taste and style. A perfect pasalubong item, Tevanj Siopao comes with a box great for hand-carrying perfect for gifts from travel or bakasyon. The handy box also becomes an instant tray for serving the siopao and other products in occasions such as parties.

Famous for their mini siopao that comes along with different flavors (Pork, Chicken, Monggo, Bola-bola), Tevanj's other main products include large Siopao, Puto, kutsinta and Palitaw. They also have baked products such as Empanada, Ensaymada, and some baked products. They also have Short Orders such as Pancit Guisado, Bijon Guisado, Pancit Canton, Sotanghon and the combination of Dinuguan w/ Puto to complete the package as your complete snack inn!

I had my first Tevanj Siopao back in my grade 6 class farewell party. Being a lover of Siopao since I was a child, I was very excited to see one of my classmates bring a box of siopao from Tevanj. The siopao was the first food I tasted and I was honestly amazed by the small size of the buns since I was accustomed to the large sized siopao in chinese restaurants. But when I tasted it, I really liked the softness of the bun and the taste of the meat inside (as I can remember, I think the flavor was pork - asado style) - perfect combination. I loved it and before my classmates knew, I ate 3 additional buns that time. Well, that was the first time. It was in high school when I realized that Tevanj Siopao has already become famous in the city. During my first year (christmas party), when we were discussing about the food, my classmates were unified in saying just 1 name for Siopao and it was Tevanj! Honestly, I didn't remember the name "Tevanj" back in my grade 6 party, and it just happened that I have a classmate in grade 6 that was still my classmate in my first year high school and he said "don't you remember? it was the small siopao that we had for our grade 6 farewell" and from that moment on, Tevanj became 1 word I didn't forget. As time passed, Tevanj siopao became a staple item during our classroom parties and I was surprised to hear the same story from my cousins (who were from other schools). From then on, I introduced these magnificent siopao to my family, and in my high school days, my father would occasionally bring home a box of Tevanj mini siopao.

For those who might want to try out their siopao, you can visit the store of Tevanj Snack Inn located at 31-R. Castillo St. Agdao Davao City Philippines. The store's location is well known to the local people, so you can ask your friends in Davao to come with you or ask the taxi drivers. Or you can contact them through the following numbers : +63 (082) 221-5992, +63 (082) 225-0210. You can also visit their website at http://tevanj.weebly.com. I learned that they are offering their fresh steamed buns for any purpose - Congratulations, Birthdays, Thank You, Inaugurals, banquets, ceremonies and commercial Gifts or even PASALUBONG! They are really a personal favorite of mine. Try because it's definitely worth your while.

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