June 10, 2010

Eat before going to the gym ^_^


I was about 1 km away from the house when I received a message from my colleague that a brownout occurred in the PhilNITS office, so I just rode a motorcycle back to our house since we scheduled our meeting 2 hours after. I didn't eat breakfast that time because I rushed when I thought that I will be late for the meeting. Now, I'm back at home and I totally forgot I didn't eat breakfast. Not doing anything and wanting to kill 2 hours, I just went to the gym.

I started doing cardio for just 20 minutes of power bike when I felt that I am unusually tired (I regularly do 30 minutes of power bike). I thought that I may be tired from yesterday's session so I stopped and went on to work on biceps and triceps. I got tired very easily and my head started to hurt and I can barely lift the weights in my 2nd set. I sat down for a minute and then felt that I wanted to lie down to rest. So, I did. My mother arrived from her morning duty and called me and my brother for lunch. It was only by then that I realized I didn't eat breakfast.

Lesson learned, never lift weights while not eating your meals. I regularly go to the gym but I always eat before doing so. This is the first time that I felt the effect of not eating your meal, I unusually felt tired and wasn't able to give my usual burst of power. hehe At least, I experienced it already and I would definitely not do that again - at least when I don't forget eating my meals by waking up late and being afraid for arriving late in a meeting. ^_^

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